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Sagem TTR900 Ink Film Roll Pack of 1
Sagem TTR900 Ink Film Ribbon for use in 2325/2320/2690/2695/dcp330/300/Series, 400/Series, 2320/2390/2395/2410/2440812/815/816/390. Page yield 140.



Sagem Ink Film Roll For 2840 TTR200 Pack of 1
Ink film roll for clear prints. Works with precision and ease. Ensures that prints are quick. Easily installed into your machine. Yield of approximately 140 pages. For the Sagem Phone Fax 2840. Non returnable.



Philips Fax Ink Film Black Ribbon PFA351 Pack of 1
Ink film ribbon for quality printing. Gets precise, sharp results with every use. Easily installed into your printer. Ink dries quickly to reduce smudge and smear. For use in the Magic 5 series. Boasts an approximate 140 page yield. OEM: PFA351.



Philips PPF 631/675/685/695 Ink Film PFA352 Pack of 1
Philips PFA352 ink film ribbon for use in PPF 631/675/685/695 and Magic Primo 5 fax machines. OEM: PFA352.



Philips PPF531/PPF575/PPF585 Ink Film Roll PFA331 Pack of 1
Philips PFA 331 Ink Film Roll for use with PPF 531/575/585, Magic 3. Page yield 140. OEM: PFA331.



Panasonic Panafax Cartridge Film KXF1810E KX-FA135X Pack of 1
Panasonic KXFA135X Cartridge and film for use with Panafax KXF1810E/1830/ 300BX/P300E/P320E/FM330E. Page yield 320.



Panasonic Black Panafax Thermal Film Roll KX-FA133X Pack of 1
Thermal film for Panasonic fax machines. High quality film for crisp fax output. Designed for PanaFax KX-F1100E. Page Yield: 620.



Panasonic Ink Film Cartridge 32104 (Pack of 2) KXFA54 Pack of 1
Ink film cartridge for high quality prints. Gets clean and clear results. Works quickly with even results. Easily installed into your machine. Compatible with the Panasonic KFP141/141E/145/145E..



Panasonic Ink Film Black KXFP181-185 (Pack of 2) KXFA55X Pack of 1
Panasonic KXFA55X ink Film Ribbon 50m for use with KXFC195/KXFP151/KXFP151E/181E/185E/FM189E, FP151E/ FP152/FP155E. Page yield 320.



Panasonic Black Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Pack of 2) KX-FA52X Pack of 1
Replacement thermal transfer ribbon for Panasonic fax machines. Genuine Panasonic product for reliable performance. Clean and efficient thermal transfer process. Safe to touch: will not rub off on your hands. Long lasting 30m roll. Twin pack.



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